Why it is important?

Soon-to-be-married couples are increasingly streaming their weddings and receptions on the Internet. It’s partly for posterity, partly for ego and partly to give distant friends and family a glimpse of the proceedings if they couldn’t make the happy occasion. This is a growing tradition now a days for every event. Birthdays, life events, get together parties, almost every event. 


Not everyone can make it to the ceremony, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the big event.” With latest technology we could able to connect all your relatives, friends, distinct family all across the world through live streaming. You can also interact with them live while enjoying your day. Feels like you are at home.

What we use?
We use multiple cameras all around the location covering every moment. We make sure people watching live feels like they are in the event.
* Full HD 1080P Broadcasting Video Switcher
* Multiple camera
* LCD screens and Projectors
* Live sync audio
And many more to make your event successful
Single Camera Live Streaming: $350 (4 Hours)
Multi Camera Live Streaming: $500 (4 Hours)
Every Additional hour: $100/Hr



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